Dona Dorinda Grande Reserva

Dona Dorinda Grande Reserva 2011
Dona Dorinda Grande Reserva 2011

Dona Dorinda Grande Reserva




Awaiting Release

Small amount of this vintage is continuing to age well and will be released as a "Reserva" .

Climate: Mediterranean Alentejo
Soil: Quartz-diorite with red clay
Type: Red
Grape variety: Syrah
Classification:  Vinho Regional Alentejano
Production: 1238 bottles 75 CL
Alcohol content: 16.5% vol.
Total acidity: 5.6 g / l
pH: 3.71
Consumption: 20 years


2011 is considered an exceptional year in Portugal for wine and especially so in the Alentejo region. The typical hot summer was preceded by a rainy winter, which made it a very attractive year, to the point where irrigation was rarely called for.

Full maturation of Dona Dorinda in 2011 occurred relatively early and we were able to harvest in late August.

The excellent weather conditions during this year had outstanding effects on our Dona Dorinda 2011 vintage. The great structure of this wine is bringing about extraordinary surprises even now after more than 5 years of aging. Thus, we have decided to release this vintage in a special “Reserva” edition. The bottle and packaging of this wine will be in a sophisticated format, in accordance with the brilliant quality of this wine.
This year the vineyard was not yet in full production and aggressive green harvest as well as a draconian selection process during the final harvest was applied. While early in our vineyard development the grapes are certified organic. The wine production process would only be recognized by the European Union as organic in 2012.


We instituted our regular night harvesting, using the small 12 kg boxes,thereby avoiding any crushing damage to the grape bunches. The de-stalking process was commenced early the next morning and gravity was used to move the grapes to stainless steel tanks, where cold maceration was started. Later, a 15 days slow alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature favored the extraction of color and aromas and after a soft pressing, the malolactic fermentation in barrels took place. The whole process of winemaking was done by gravity.


During 12 months three types of 2nd year barrels were used: French oak with two different toast intensities, and American oak in order to evaluate its vanilla softness. This wine is now in its fifth year of aging at our adega in the bottle. We intend to start bringing it to market in late 2016.

Winemaker´s Notes:

Color: deep intensity of ox blood
Aromas: Medium intensity over a black fruit aroma such as blackberry, plum. Black currant is quite evident as well, as is the spicy notes so traditional in Syrah.  Gentle smoked oak leading to a leather and sweet fermented elegant finish.

Palate: dry wine, with the medium to high acidity giving a gentle freshness. Excellent high alcohol and persistent and pronounced tannins. At the approach, fruity flavour involving smokey notes. At the finish it is possible to enjoy a slight tobacco leaf and dark chocolate aroma.

It is a selection that is ready for drinking immediately, but with excellent aging potential.

It goes along with spicy meat stews and cheese.